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Craig Brown
Residing In Woodbridge, VA USA
Spouse/Partner Kris Mason - Class of 1971
Occupation Retired - kinda
Children Taven - 1977
Kristien - 1978
Taryn - -1986
Military Service Army National Guard  
Craig Brown


Yes! Attending Reunion

Sounds like most of you are doing pretty good. For me I'm, just trying to live life on life's terms. Life is good, today.....

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The other day I was at a support group I go to and the topic was "Forgiveness. What follows are some excerpts from the book we use.
Resentment will do nothing except tear us apart inside. No one ever found serenity through hatred. ........ Hostility keeps us tied to the abuses of the past. ........ We, too, must find within us compassion
Each of us is worthy of love, and each of us is doubly blessed when we are able to dig down past our grievances and resentments, no matter how justified we may fell in harboring them, and find within ourselves the recognition of that part of the other person that is and always will be lovable.
....... if we are truly in pursuit of serenity, of healing, of a sense of inner peace that will help us to deal with and possibly even enjoy whatever life brings, we must improve the way we interact with others. This doesn't mean that we close our eyes to the unacceptable or tolerate the intolerable ..... it simply means that we cultivate the ability to look beneath the surface . By shifting our focus away from the objectionable behavior and looking more deeply, we recognize a part of every human being that remains untouched by disease, the part of each of us that deserves unconditional love and respect regardless of the circumstances. It is equally possible to appreciate this quality in those whom we do not know as it is in someone with whom we hope to spend a lifetime. This is what forgiveness is all about.
We don't forgive the actions another person has chosen, because it was never our job to judge the person for those actions in the first place. ....... we forgive when we acknowledge our common humanity with everyone, even the person we feel the most entitled to condemn. In this spirit, we can even forgive ourselves, no matter what we've don or how guilty or shame-filled we may feel. We, too, deserve love.
Forgiveness is no favor. We do it for no one but ourselves. We simply pay too high a price when we refuse to forgive. Lingering resentments are like acid eating away at us. Rehearsing and re-rehearsing old injuries robes us of all that is precious. Shame never liberated a single spirit. And self-righteousness never softened a heart.
Although we may despise what others have done, if we keep in mind that everything we are now trying to do has the goal of healing us, we are bound to decide that the best thing we can do for ourselves is to forgive
How AL-ANON WORKS for Families & Friends of Alcoholics -----Al-AL-Anon Family Groups

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Happy Birthday Jana

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Happy Birthday John

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Happy Birthday Lane

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Linda, looks like i'll be to the Reunion. i'm not sorry about going to the school, but will be at the dinner. Kris will not be there so i'll be all alone. she will be coming to SLC around the 27th. maybe we can get together then. is terry going? see you there.

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