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Wendy Scott
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Occupation Retired Registered Nurse
Children NINE!! = Jeffrey born 1971; Jennifer born 1972; Stephen born 1973; Philip born 1974; Robbie born 1976; More…Tammy born 1977; Sheridan born 1979; Jeremy born 1981; Richard born 1983. Currently have 9 kids (and 19 grandkids) living in 8 states, but luckily my youngest son works Cor
Yes! Attending Reunion

Right out of high school, moved to Denver with my family for my father to be mission president for LDS Church. Worked as a clerk typist (100 wpm) for BLM for a year. Then to BYU fall of 1967; Was studying nursing; sang with a pop group, "The Sweetbriars and was chosen to compete in "Your All American College Show" in Hollywood in 1969 then went on Hollywood USO Tour with Smoggy Mountain Bluegrass Orchestra to the Orient summer 1969 to entertain casualties of Vietnam War; Married Tom Medford 1970. Didn't finish BYU nursing school. Had 9 kids in 12.5 years (6 boys, 3 girls); Lived in Salt Lake City and Provo, UT; Denver, Colorado; San Jose,California; Hershey, Pennsylvania, Monroe, Louisiana; Mesa, AZ City, and Buckeye, Arizona; Sandy, Utah, now live in St George, UT.

In Louisiana I was musical director of the Children's Center for the Performing Arts for about 6 years (all my kids were in theater, music, and the arts...8/9 "gifted" children). In 1989 I went back to nursing school and attended Northeast Louisiana University at age 40. Graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) in 1997. Have worked as a Rehab, Prison, Psychiatric, Occupational Health, Hospice, Long Term Care, Home Health and School/Pediatric/Special Ed, currently a drug and alcohol Detox RN over the past 19 yrs. Married and divorced my children's father twice. Recently married a wonderful man I met online in August 2015, LaVon Romney Cardon. I have 19 grandkids of my own and with LaVon's 8 we have 27. Retired officially in 2014 but still working part time. I have traveled to Mexico, Canada, Bahamas, Israel, Japan, Korea, Okinawa, Wake Island, Guatemala, Italy and Brazil. I hope to travel a lot more before this life is over! I am very happy and feel very blessed for all I have been given and enjoyed so far in this life :-)

School Story

I was chosen to be in Dr Ripplinger's concert choir my senior year at Skyline but then was guilted into dropping out to take Seminary (I guess I didn't have enough electives to take both). But the Lord blessed me with wonderful musical opportunities after I went to college, for which I am extremely grateful.

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Hey girlfriend! I live in St George now with my new husband, LaVon Cardon. Come and see us if you ever get down this way! Love ya lots....Wendy

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Hey Barb....long time no see! I see you live in Mexa, AZ (lol) I lived in AZ a lot the past 10 yrs. I hope you're coming to the reunion. I saw Ev the other day and she talked me into coming. Would be great to see you! Wendy

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Hi LaNae! It was fun to read about your life. I hope to see you at the reunion :-) Wendy